PES 2020 myClub Packs, Featured Players and Review

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 (officially abbreviated as PES 2020, also known in Japan as Winning Eleven 2020) is the 19th installment in the Pro Evolution Soccer series.


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17 Replies to “PES 2020 myClub Packs, Featured Players and Review”

  1. shivam arora

    U said Awb is better thn Trent. But I hv spent 20 skill trainers fr him but can't get pinpoint crossing fr him. Now tht I hv both whome should I use nd y

  2. shivam arora

    I got vvd, Trent, nd mane. Spun once fr atletico, got oblak 😁. Already had his normal card nd maxed him out. Btw u said Ederson in Liverpool squad selection 😂😂# sep supports city deep inside 😎

  3. Kakarot

    I did the Liverpool one and i desperately needed a beastly CB so wanted VVD, didn't get him but got Gomez, initially very disappointed but then i levelled him to like 30, he's actually better than VVD lol.

  4. 建寬

    Honistly, these players are overated,. Konami just ruined a game.
    I mean, what do you mean by guving a player over 90 grades? It means he can have achievement compared to legends, but they have not now.

  5. Tomasz Krzyżanowski

    Doesnt matter man. Everything is random in myclub. I no longer give a fuck. The other day I went to rating 800 and then dropped to 600 because the game just woudnt let me win. What a joke.

  6. Don

    hey i always like your vids do you have any advice when your account gets suspended without cheating, quiting or sending messages. i contacted konami and they just gave the generic answer you voilated our terms?

  7. BornByHuman KilledByAlgorithms

    Hi, bro! I got a question about lags. 10 vs 10 no lags , 3vs3, no lags, 1vs1 lags, is it the casino code at the Background at 1vs1, that mks the lags?

  8. Ryan is stuck in 93

    I got Gomez, he's cleaning up at fullback, even on an orange.
    Got Mane, really good. Got him twice so trained him.
    Got Felix but need to train him first b4 I use him.

  9. Xneutrone

    pes is unpayable after dlc… shot,pass ,ball physics , responsiwe… is all is random.. radom shitty gameplay with old scripts momentum and al this fcking stuff. konami destroy gameplay after dlc…. i buy fifa next year… sory in fifa gameplay is shit but game modes licenses and online mode is better. gamplay and physics ball after dlc is NO EXIST in pes …

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