PES 2020 myClub Featured Players Packs and Review. Liverpool and Everton.

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 (officially abbreviated as PES 2020, also known in Japan as Winning Eleven 2020) is the 19th installment in the Pro Evolution Soccer series.


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40 Replies to “PES 2020 myClub Featured Players Packs and Review. Liverpool and Everton.”

  1. Francisco Mtz

    great videos man, you dont over explain things, however, like many european friends and myself you tend to explain the same thing in different ways and sometimes it can be redundant. where are you from?


    Over explaining? They do know they can skip parts of a video right? That's what the timeline preview is for. Don't change man, people watch you for your analysis.

  3. Elizabeth chilumba

    I played against a 1505 rated guy if i had a fast striker i would have won you were right 1,2 passes can break anyone though he won 2-0 after this i have confidence now i paid extra attention just like u say n i read all his passes

  4. Leon Webster

    Sep you are legend mate, your explanation is spot on. Was a pleasure playing you this year, btw you did beat me 3-1 lol. Keep up the good work bro.

  5. LowOnEmpathy

    can someone tell me how can i set up the defenders to not watch the ball in the box just kick it out(or is that from the ball control?)

  6. tngodup10

    I wanted Pickford, Sidibe, Calvert Lewin. Instead I got Mina, sigurdson, and Davies. I’m like “WTF!!!!!” I tried Liverpool and got Milner, Arnold, and fuking Origi. I’m livid! I almost broke my controller.

  7. George Miro

    Nah keep the reviewing, many switching from fifa to pes that needs someone with great understanding for the game

  8. ZlakicH '-'

    You don't over explain things.I like when you explain things because I don't know a lot about pes.When I started watching your videso my gameplay was 2x better,and your videos are awsome.Keep the good job.Sorry for bad english.

  9. Panenka76

    I think your explanation of things is first class, especially tactics and formations… don't change please.

  10. Dimone11

    Hi I'm new here! PLZ explain all that things that you think you should! Especially if you think that it is so basic that every one knows it. It could be good reminder for veterans too) I kinda know some advanced thing about this game already but some simple stuff confuses me from time to time. Tnx For you work)
    PS got 2x Origi and Chamberlain (man i wished so hard for VAN DIJK
    also i got DMF TOURE (silver ball) and rly love him! He is EVERYWHERE! Saved me so many times. What do you think of him?

  11. Barakat Al.yasri

    I just want someone tell me please what do to fix my game so slow and whoever I play against he have advantage on me his team more faster and why I lose stamina so fast

  12. Graeme Gray

    I dont think you over explain things. You give such good detail and make me think more about the game and approach my squads and gameplay differently. As a recent ex fifa player it's great to see a streamer that knows about the game unlike fifa streamers just playing the EA casino and dont actually know tactics.

  13. Unbidsundew 4900

    Can't work out why people still waste there cash on my club the gameplay is whack compared to online divisions

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