Ep 1: English Language Teaching (ELT) in Japan: ALT and Eikaiwa

Kohi Taimu Ep 1 is on English Language Teaching (ELT) in Japan. English Language Teachers in Japan usually teach as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) or as an Eikaiwa Instructor. We talk about basic differences between ALT and Eikaiwa; Workload of ALT and Eikawa instructors; Schedule; Types of students and; ALT and eikaiwa instructor salaries.

Word of the Day: Atsui (暑い|あつい) Meaning: “Hot”

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Time Stamps:
0:18 Who we are
0:29 Coffee in this ep
0:48 Today’s Topic
01:24 ALT and Eikaiwa Differences
02:24 Workload
03:40 Schedule
04:40 Types of Students
05:34 Salary
07:12 Word of the Day
08:00 Thank you for watching our video

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