JAPAN Trip 2010 – Part 3: Tsukiji Tuna Auction Madness!

This video covers day 5 of the trip, which was probably the longest one since it started so early.

We made our way to Tsukiji Fish Market at 4 am in the morning to line up for the tuna auction. We managed to get the last two tickets for the auction as they only seemed to have one batch of 70 people that day. After waiting in the info center for about an hour, they let us into the auction at around 5:40. The auctioning was pretty crazy and I wasn’t too sure what was going on (since we didn’t watch the info movie while waiting) but there was a lot of shouting and fish moved around.

After that we walked around the market and ate sushi there. It was delicious.

Later that day we went to Roppongi hills, where it seemed like a very rich area with lots of expensive stores and a gallery. We walked down the road to TV Asahi and had lunch somewhere further down the road too. Seemed like a pretty high class part of Tokyo.

After lunch we made our way to Akihabara Electric City, where there were huge department stores, tons of electronics and anime. There’s tons of shopping there and lots of people in cosplay outfits – a really fun area. We shopped around there for the rest of the afternoon and headed home.

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  • Posted: August 13, 2020 07:00


    Another excellent video. I've been researching info about the tuna auctions and the tour. looks like you have to be there pretty early, i also hear that they turn people away when you get there and they run out of tickets. If you don't mind me asking, where in tokyo did you guys stay, what hotel, was it average price? do you have any recommendations.I was particularly looking at the shinjuku area. I am from Florida, and I'm planning to meet with some friends there next year. Im reseaching info.
  • Posted: August 13, 2020 07:00

    Donald Lair

    okay thank you. if you remember the name somehow please let me know! :)
  • Posted: August 13, 2020 07:00

    Donald Lair

    oh and where is the place you guys got ramen? i'm trying to go back this summer and i want to go to good places! thanks!
  • Posted: August 13, 2020 07:00

    Donald Lair

    where did you guys go to eat the fresh fish that you were eating in the video? when i went there i found a place, i can't remember the name but it started with a "Z" i think.
  • Posted: August 13, 2020 07:00


    Does he have to scream & yell like that every morning? I wonder where he gets his energy? LOL And I'm sorry, but, did you mostly use a digital camera to film all of these shots into perfect HD? Was that a canon digi cam or something else? Thanks for these videos! Its listed in my favorite section now because I just love your videos!! Thanks for sharing!!
  • Posted: August 13, 2020 07:00


    : D aww so y sister and I are going to Japan for 2 weeks before we start our spring semester of college and I'm scared to go because I fear we'll run out of cash and won't be able to pay for our train rides or get lost : I but my sister assures me shes been learning how to get around there and that we won't be broke and advice on how to budget or how much we should have before we go.??
  • Posted: August 13, 2020 07:00

    Sai Kit Chu

    Justin, we're planning to go to Tokyo soon and we really want to check out the Tuna auction. When do you think it's the best time to line up in the morning to get a ticket? And what transportation did you take to get to Tsukiji (because the subway is closed)?
  • Posted: August 13, 2020 07:00


    @MixMeAdrink I was there last May and knew nothing of the language and had not problem. Plenty of people spoke excellent English, and we have very few issues navigating. The people we dealt with were patient, friendly, and very nice. We quickly picked up how to say things like hello and thank you and that was enough to get us going. Don't let not knowing the language dissuade you from visiting Tokyo.
  • Posted: August 13, 2020 07:00


    I would love to visit Japan but I don't speak or read the language =/
  • Posted: August 13, 2020 07:00


    Nice video thanks

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