Tokyo Walking Shinjuku 2-chome Summer 2020 4K【Japan Travel Guide】

東京都新宿区/Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

新宿2丁目/Shinjuku 2-chome

「2 丁目」と呼ばれることが多い新宿 2 丁目は、LGBT の人々が集う東新宿のネオン街の一角。高層ビルには小さなバーやナイトクラブが入り、仲通りでは屋外でビールやカクテルを楽しめる。ドラッグショーは地元の人と観光客でにぎわい、和洋折衷のメニューをそろえる流行の居酒屋もある。
Shinjuku 2-chome, which is often called “2-chome,” is a neon area in Higashi-Shinjuku where LGBT people gather. There are small bars and nightclubs in the skyscrapers, and you can enjoy beer and cocktails outdoors in Nakadori. The drug show is crowded with locals and tourists, and there is a trendy izakaya with a mix of Japanese and Western menus.

July 24, 2020


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I mainly walk around Tokyo to introduce the cityscape.
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    This is a beautiful place!
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    Ambient Walking

    Amazing vid! Loving it! Always such a pleasure. Thanks so much! : )

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