36 months / 3 Years of AJATT MIA Japanese update! Am I fluent?

36 months / 3 Years of AJATT MIA Japanese update! Am I fluent?

This is not an instructional video on how to do things, this is just what I have done so far 🙂
How does your skill level compare with mine? Watch my Jurassic Park video and my fitness tutorials to get a good idea of my level!


Best guide for finding and using Anki :

AJATT video with TKYO Sam (Explicit language warning!!)

No time to study? Watch this! :

I prove that you CAN learn Japanese from Anime etc

My AJATT / Mass Immersion Approach update videos:

1 Month:

3 Months:

6 Months:

9 Months:

1 Year:

1.5 Years:

See if you can beat my reading and translation speed /accuracy by the 6 month point, or at any point! I bet you can!!

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  • Posted: August 16, 2020 18:05

    Silhouette Fg.

    Awesome progress! Great to see now you just think Japanese as 'normal' part of you life.
  • Posted: August 16, 2020 18:05


    If my main goal is being able to watch anime raw (and eventually being fluent in convo/being able to read actual non-fiction books as well), would you say you have reached this goal and how long do you think it would take me when I have 4-5 free hours a day. Probably going for 2 hours active immersion + 2-3hrs anki decks (not counting background immersion). I will have a lot of free time for the next year so I'm ready to commit a lot to this.
  • Posted: August 16, 2020 18:05


    It's funny, I've picked up words like 琥珀, too. I'm playing a mobile phone game called DragonVale where you collect dragons (much like how you collect pokémon in Pokémon, though this is mostly through breeding), and they have names for everything. They also have dragons that are called things like 催眠術 and 三葉虫 (I wonder if this word is in the Jurassic Park novel), though the names are mostly written in katakana. There's also another game I've been playing about mining, and lo and behold, there was 琥珀 again. I've also learned a fair few words that I didn't even know in English this way, such as 鶏冠石 (I had never even heard of ‘realgar’ before this).

    Sorry for the ramble, just related to what you said so much, haha. Great video, mate. Keep on keeping on. 💪
  • Posted: August 16, 2020 18:05

    Jordan's Journey

    Thank you for sharing! I really want to start creating more videos around language learning and my other interests like you! It definitely feels great to see other people doing things I want to do please keep it up!
  • Posted: August 16, 2020 18:05


    Great video, I found your channel a few days ago. I was so happy to wake up today to a new upload! Your progress is awesome.
  • Posted: August 16, 2020 18:05

    OhTalkWho オタク

    Thanks for making this video man, you have always been the person I looked up most to in the AJATT/MIA community.
  • Posted: August 16, 2020 18:05

    Duncan Ogilvie

    As someone else mentioned, such an under rated channel. I feel I can relate more to you that other AJATT/MIA users on Youtube as I am similar, busy life with work etc and can only fit study in when I can. Keep doing what you are doing!
  • Posted: August 16, 2020 18:05

    Matcha Samurai's Japanese Dojo

    I think what you're doing is excellent, especially with your busy schedule! And you're giving your audience a lot of motivation and hope to be able to speak Japanese!
  • Posted: August 16, 2020 18:05


    Kanji is weird to me. Sometimes because of RTK, I'll know a new word because of the kanji, and possibly guess it's reading correctly. And other times, I feel like RTK is a waste of time
  • Posted: August 16, 2020 18:05


    I find that there's a lot of toxic people in the language learning community. If people are overly critical about you,they're most likely worse and projecting their very basic-level insecurities onto you.

    Do you understand? Can you be understood? Ta-da, you're good
  • Posted: August 16, 2020 18:05


    I'm two years into Japanese and one year into an AJATT type of study. 500+ Anki cards, Duolingo, and a Drops every day
  • Posted: August 16, 2020 18:05


    I'm so happy that 筋肉 finally popped up on Anki. Now I get your name 😂
  • Posted: August 16, 2020 18:05


    I think you made a lot of progress in your studies. You should be proud in just 3 years you know a lot of words that most people who don't have the proper strategy built, would really not excel in. I respect the AJATT community with full immersion in the beginning of studying a language but as you are already know you're seeing it isn't very practical. I believe the key is actually integration of the language in your everyday life which It looks like you are doing. Focusing on what you lack rather then forcing yourself to always be in immersion is taxing. It's actually ok to forget sometimes. I think people need to understand how memory works and not be too hard on themselves. As long as you can see what you are lacking and committing a reasonable amount of time studying you should be fine.
  • Posted: August 16, 2020 18:05


    Another great video! As someone that’s been wanted to start MIA for a while now do you have any advice for getting started? It all seems so overwhelming and intimidating
  • Posted: August 16, 2020 18:05

    Boiled Bread

    Man ur channel is extremely underated. I've been really enjoying ur videos ever since I found ur channel like a month ago. I just started my AJATT journey a few weeks ago and u really inspire me 2 keep on track. Ur quote at 9:50 really hit me hard, it is a perfect quote that anyone should know while learning Japanese/any language.
  • Posted: August 16, 2020 18:05

    Anime Guitar Lessons

    Refreshing to hear someone in this community be so blasé about certain aspects and your stats! More of a real life approach to language learning!

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