Memories Off – Memories of Pinky Promise Playthrough Part 1 Learn Japanese Language with Games

Alright guys, here’s a new game playthrough, Memories Off – Memories of Pinky Promise. I recorded the playthrough using Vita and a standard camera so, this is my new experience, maybe the quality of this video not at the best, but it is hard to record with vita. I hope you guys can understand, it is important in focusing where the text-box has to be captured by camera, regardless the corner sides of the video which maybe seems like off the game screen.

Anyway about the game, it is so beautiful. I think this is the first time I’ve seen any game with a voice acting for protagonist. And when Amakawa Chinatsu starts talking, her mouth will starts to move. So lovely! Owh yeah, let’s start the playthrough with option for “gesture” stuffs.

I gladly will continue this playthrough, it’s a beautiful game that has ever made!

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  • Posted: August 17, 2020 22:31

    Shinn Game 08

    Beautiful game, Amakawa Chinatsu is so kawai~~~ :D Love the dialogues, it makes me to understand that girls sometimes hard for boys to understand. Also some funny dialogues too.

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