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Hi Guys! 😊✌🏼
Here is- Hidden Gems in Japan Ep.1, I travelled to Shima Onsen in the Gunma Prefecture of Japan and created a short clip of the trip there, so sit back, relax and enjoy the video!

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Filmed and Edited on my iPhone 😂
Thank you for Watching!

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  • Posted: August 19, 2020 06:21

    That Japan Guy

    Make sure to turn the video to 1080p! 👌🏼 I’m trying to keep this mini series short & sweet but don’t worry there will be longer uploads on my normal vlogs 🥳✌🏼
  • Posted: August 19, 2020 06:21

    Ben Saunders

  • Posted: August 19, 2020 06:21

    M Travel Vlog

    Great channel. Please Make More.⭐️😍
    Greetings from Albania. 👋🏼🇦🇱
    Also, Let’s build each other Up......👍🏼💪🏼
  • Posted: August 19, 2020 06:21


    Love the scenery a little longer look at the scenery and old buildings, great to see cheers LA
  • Posted: August 19, 2020 06:21

    Jared Chuah

    Damn was looking forward to footage of you IN the onsen. 🤪 Great video bro!
  • Posted: August 19, 2020 06:21

    Tanya Saunders

    Looks amazing - hopefully we can come to visit soon
  • Posted: August 19, 2020 06:21

    EdVentures - Travel Vlog 2020

    Nice !!! Still hoping for things to go back to normal soon so we can all start travelling and YouTubing again. Just uploaded my YouTube videos while I was in thalamus before the virus. Can’t wait to get back out there and make more.
  • Posted: August 19, 2020 06:21

    Chase Hansen

    Japan is so beautiful!! Great footage benny!

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