Tokyo Walking Kameari "Kochikame" at night 2020 4K【Japan Travel Guide】

東京都葛飾区/Katsushika Ward, Tokyo

亀有駅/Kameari Station
ゆうろーど仲町商店会/Yurou Nakamachi Shotenkai
亀有公園/Kameari Park
亀有駅北口交番/Kameari Station North Exit Police Box

A manga work by Osamu Akimoto, a manga artist from Kameari.
Actually, there is a police box called “Kameari Park” at the north exit of Kameari Station at the north exit of Kameari Station, but there is no police box named “Kameari Park Maekosho”.

August 2, 2020


【チャンネル説明/Channel description】
I mainly walk around Tokyo to introduce the cityscape.
We will take our viewers to sightseeing spots, famous places and sacred places.
I hope you can see it as a reference or a break for sightseeing.
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  • Posted: August 19, 2020 08:20

    Leomasa Walking Traveler

    亀有駅/Kameari Station 0:12
    ゆうろーど仲町商店会/Yurou Nakamachi Shotenkai 4:08
    亀有公園/Kameari Park 14:35
    亀有駅北口交番/Kameari Station North Exit Police Box 17:42
  • Posted: August 19, 2020 08:20

    Richard Arthur - NYC Stories

    Japan is my favorite country to visit, I have been the last two years and I hope that I can make one more trip in the next few years. I could walk around the streets of Tokyo, through the eyes of another person, any day of the week :) 👍🙏
  • Posted: August 19, 2020 08:20

    Ambient Walking

    Cool! Wow! Amazing! Please keep making these great videos and never stop! Thank you! :)

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