English language education in Japan | Meshida (Japanese Standup Comedian) @Tokyo

★Meshida(Japanese Standup Comedian)★
A Japanese stand-up comedian who performs in English, I’m a 2017 London Comedy Store King Gong Show finalist. I quit my job and headed to the United Kingdom to do stand-up comedy. I enjoy introducing Japan’s more interesting aspects.

★English Standup Comedy Show in Tokyo “My Japanese Perspective”★

The show will take place in Asakusa, Tokyo’s traditional entertainment district. There will be a 30-minute welcome session with a drink, followed by a 60-minute comedy show on Japan. After the show, feel free to hang out at the bar, make friends, and drink for another 30 minutes or so.




★Meshida Standup Comedy in London★

★Funny Japan Project★
Funny Japan project aims to publicize funny things about Japan to the international audience. We upload articles and movies and through events discover funny people.

★Japanese Standup Comedian at London comedy club|Meshida★

★English language education in Japan | Meshida (Japanese Standup Comedian) @Tokyo★

★The Sex Industry | Real Cool Japan#1★

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