Where I Telework | Speaking Japanese w/ the Owner of an Empty Inn

Today’s a work day as we support a local mom and pop business that’s been crushed by the pandemic. Here’s more details of where to book:
¥500 for 1 hour access to the private baths, ¥3,300 for telework room & private baths (9am-7pm)

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Hi! My name is Loretta, a girl from the U.S. who moved to Japan! I’m here on the MEXT scholarship program as a graduate student, studying to get a Masters in Business Administration. Here are some answers to common questions:

1. Do I Speak Japanese? Yep! I was taught formally in High School and have been speaking now for over 15 years.
2. What are you studying? I’m a recent grad of Yokohama National University’s “Masters of Business Administration” Program
3. How old are you?: Year of the dragon. 😀 The math is up to you.
4. How did you get into Japanese school?:
5. What camera equipment do you use?: I film my videos with a Canon 60D using a 30mm Sigma Art Lens and I edit with Sony Vegas Pro 10 (with some help from photoshop). Additional cameras include GoPro Hero 7 Black and DJI Majic Air

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46 Replies to “Where I Telework | Speaking Japanese w/ the Owner of an Empty Inn”

  1. Grumpy Groundhog

    I think the subtitles for this video should read, "Shhhhhh!" Seriously, this was really motivating, especially for those of us still stuck at home working. Hope you do more of these in the future!

  2. 菱木ケンジ

    10:00 デパ地下 "B"one この人, 日本語達者なので絶対 "箸"カモ🍴😂ww

    ※チャーハンとピラフは, パラパラしているので レンゲor スプーンが, better

  3. dana b

    It's always so sad to hear that small businesses are unsure about their future but I have to say I'm quite hopeful Sawanoya will make it through this tough time! The owners seem adaptive, renting it out as a work area is so smart. And the bath seems lovely too! Wishing them and you all the best. このビデをありがとうございます! 🙏🏼✨

  4. James Morgan

    I lived in Japan in the 80s and 90s and when I returned for a visit in 2016 (after almost 20 years away), I tried to book a room at Sawanoya because it looked really nice and I love Nezu. Unfortunately, they were full. Sorry to see they are suffering and happy that you are spreading the word! I would definitely hang out there if I were still in Tokyo. また東京に行けたら絶対に澤の屋に泊まります!

  5. aaron lx

    omg those crispy croissanty taiyaki – i like regular taiyaki too but those are sooo gooood! if you'd eaten it sooner you might have ended up with tiny flakes of the crust everywhere like me, that's how crispy it was! drool

  6. Alfred

    yes! more mom & pop spots! maybe lil cafes/coffee shops or tea houses. when my husband and i went, we tried to only do hole in the wall/small businesses.

  7. Tsuyumi

    I feel so bad for the tourist industry in Japan and everywhere in the world 🙁 it's hearthbreaking to see that people who had a stable business before and work hard are suffering now. Hope many Tokyo residents who can afford it will join your example and support those cute little accommodations.

  8. Miguel Lopez

    I was going to go for new year's as present to myself to celebrate graduation😭
    Well I'm still planning on moving there next year if things get better 😢 hopefully they're still in business.

  9. kshin172

    Not sure if another comment already mentioned, but croissant taiyaki is a thing now, and I'm pretty sure that's what you had instead of a regular taiyaki.

    On another note, I wish I could support that inn right now, but can't really travel to Japan right now.

  10. Victoria C

    Yes! More videos like these! It's so relaxing! Even though I can't go right now I hope more people will because of these videos!
    Stay safe!💗

  11. Bridget Emily

    I wish I was in Tokyo right now, this place looks gorgeous and it makes me so sad that they're struggling right now. I'm glad you're promoting them!

    Also, I'm currently doing an internship with Tokyo Weekender and I saw you in one of their previous issues! Was a surprise!

  12. serczykowski

    I've just checked their page and they have cute manga telling their story. 🙂 And there's also a book “Welcome to Sawanoya, Welcome to Japan”, that is a memoir, I kinda want to read it, even though I only know them from your video. 😀 Do you have the book?

  13. Kellie Stimson

    Heartbreaking hearing a similar story of so many businesses. Doing my best here at home in Australia too – supporting our local ones. Let’s this all be over soon 🤞

  14. Zzy Eggman

    Hey Loretta, is there any chance you could put Japanese subtitles along with the English subtitles because sometimes I find it difficult to follow the conversations because sometimes people speak very softly. It would just be a nice touch that would make the videos much more enjoyable personally as I'm trying to learn Japanese.

  15. LayersOf_Jenn

    The teleworking options are a reallllly cool idea 👌🏻 we stan a queen promoting local businesses during hard times 🥺♥️

  16. xiola

    This was really nice and made me miss Japan, I'd definitely like to see more like this 🙂 I hope this place is still there when I'm able to come back! Seems like exactly the kind of vibe I like and close enough to where I lived during my Working Holiday (Was planning a trip for 2021 but that will probably be postponed now – wasn't able to save any money this year and am switching careers so it'll probably be awhile now ;_;).

  17. Mark and Marie

    It is truly amazing just how suited to the task of adaptation the human being is. I hope their adaptation keeps them in business long enough for tourism to pick up again. lol. What is the and? The most important part for teleworking. xD

  18. halohalo86

    I wish them all the best with their business this year. It must not have been easy as they were probably originally looking to have a great year with tons of tourists this year when the Tokyo Olympics were supposed to happen, and it all ended up with no tourists coming at all because of the pandemic… ❤️ Wish I could visit Japan again, but will have to wait until we can travel again

  19. Leonard Burroughs

    You went so far, and I seen the results that you made for your goal. I proud of you, KemushiChan. And keep it up until you die loving what you do, or better enough keep it up for eternity. 💯❤️

  20. Sandra

    It really put things into perspective. So many people are struggling during this period of time. Really hope they make it though this year and bloom more next year. I will surely visit when I visit Japan.

    As usual your video was informative, calming and fun!

  21. dayton chris

    japanese hotels seem so peaceful and quiet.

    meanwhile here in america, "(chingy, ludacris and snoop dogg rap loudly)nothing, chilling at the holiday inn!"

    anyway, really cool video, and i hope inn pulls through. it looks like a really cool place.

  22. Tapioca Milk tea

    That Chirashizushi looks so good, I wonder how they made the egg yolk pattern, and that Yokan like jelly was really interesting.
    Ps: it would be nice if you add Japanese subtitles for people who are learning the language

  23. Rhian L

    Interesting diversification of their business. I hope it increases in popularity for them. I don't know about in Japan, but in the UK everyone is still working from home if they can and something like this would be good where you can have a private, comfortable space to work. Especially for me as I just stare at the same four walls of my flat all day and just move from the dining table to the sofa as my commute home 😂
    Also interested in the baths at the ryokan, as it looked like they were private too? I suppose options like that would be good for foreigners with tattoos that want to experience the baths. When I went 3 years ago we went to an onsen resort sort of place with public baths but it was more like visiting a swimming pool. However since then I've got tattoos and thought I might be able to go again.

  24. Karie ・

    What a beautiful place. Would love to be able to help them. I really hope they can go through this weird year. Great video, by the way!

  25. Alex Fang

    I planned to be at Japan the entire last august with a friend, but cuz of this damn corona I had to cancel $4000 USD worth of hotels. Thinking about it, can’t believe how much this hotel has been through. Wish the hotel owners and all Japanese businesses could survive through this pandemic, ppl are ready to travel for u lol.

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