Learn Japanese language for beginners in 2020 | Hiragana katakana stroke orders

Hello there, here is another video to learn Japanese language for beginners in t2020 series. This video could be very useful for those who are new in the Japanese language. In this video, I tried to show the hiragana katakana stroke orders. It could be helpful to you all those who willing to learn Japanese online. When people think about how to learn Japanese online, they worry about their doubts, they want to ask the question , “how” and “Why” . So I made it very simple to those who are new. Some people are really eager to learn about the japanese language, Japanese basics, Japanese culture. Some people want to learn Japanese to go japan for work purposes or tours. So this video can work for them.
Learning Japanese in Nihongo center is costly for some students. They can try
this kind of language learning tutorial.
So don’t worry about how to study Japanese, just follow step by step hiragana, katakana, and learn some kanji.
This video also helpful for those who are thinking for jlpt n5.

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