Japanese Mechanical Pencils: 6 hi-tech models to get you started!

We look at 6 Japanese mechanical pencils to add to your collection of hi-tech Japanese stationery! Japanese mechanical pens are really high in functionality and have really cool designs – owning one of these will increase your grades! (jk).

This is only a small selection of what Japan has to offer. There are hundreds more out there on the market to cater everyone’s particular needs. Let us know in the comments what your favorite model is!

You should be able to find this selection and more cool Japanese stationery over at JetPens.com who also do international shipping.

0:00 Highlights
0:25 Opening
1:28 uni KURU TOGA Standard Model
2:58 ZEBRA DelGuard Type-ER Mechanical Pencil
4:42 Tombow Mono Graph Grip Shaker Mechanical Pencil
6:02 Tombow Olno Body Knock Pencil
7:23 Pentel Orenz Nero
9:16 Pentel Multi 8
10:33 Closing


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3 Replies to “Japanese Mechanical Pencils: 6 hi-tech models to get you started!”

  1. phang yang

    very cool mechanical pencils! I think my favorite is uni KURU TOGA Standard Model and the Pentel Multi 8. BTW Kaori should get into quality control as a career.

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