I recommend Izakaya when traveling in Japan.//Vlog Tokyo Japan #4

I’m talking about an izakaya while preparing storage space in the kitchen.
When you travel to Japan, you should definitely go to the izakaya!

8 Replies to “I recommend Izakaya when traveling in Japan.//Vlog Tokyo Japan #4”

  1. R Umlas

    I love food in general. Japanese cuisine is amazing. But the language. I'd love to learn how to speak Japanese.

    EDIT: I haven't watched any of your other videos but maybe do you speaking Japanese with the English subtitles. Gives the vlogs/video's another perspective instead of the background music alone. Gives your videos another dimension.

    EDIT: Never mind. I saw the video previous to this upload. You do speak and provide the English subtitles. Fantastic!

  2. Á. D.

    Sure, I love to cook 🙂 about Hungarian dishes, well, we rarely ever eat fish, as we don't have a seaside at all. (We have some dishes with fresh-water fish, but I admit, I don't like them :D) Basically we have a tendency to eat a "soup – meat + potatoes/rice – dessert" kind of menu. We tend to eat a lot of potatoes and cabbage! Also, all kinds of bread are elementary parts of our dishes 🙂 yes, you can say Hungarian cuisine is not the most healthy, hehe 😀

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