Day trip to Akiyoshido Cave, Yamaguchi | Longest cave in Japan!

– We get to the Akiyoshido Cave located just in our back yard of Yamaguchi, Japan! (We took the Sanyo Express from Iwakuni and it took about 1.5 hours to get there, cost a little over 2500 yen)
– Trying to find the cave and getting rained on (we came so unprepared lol)
– Exploring the longest cave in Japan
– Terraced rice fields in limestone cave
– Leaving the cave and heading to Yamaguchi City
– Grab a bite to eat in Yamaguchi
– On a mission to get Mister Donuts Fall flavors
– Mister Donuts FAIL
– Getting home
– Movie Night and super excited about finally watching the Live Action Mulan
End vlog

We had so much fun exploring the Akiyoshido Caverns and highly recommend checking it out!
Haven’t seen our last vlog? We had a beach day at YUU BEACH!

The kids had their first day back at school!

We found out my husband can’t be in the delivery room..

We tell the kids we are having a baby!

Watch my husband’s reaction to finding out that we are pregnant with our third child!

We explore the Motonosumi Inari Shrine!

I cooked my first hanasaki crab!

We celebrate my birthday at Sanzoku!

We celebrate Caden’s birthday!

We go to the Pokemon Center in Hiroshima!

We Explore Hofu during the Tanabata Festival and check out thrifting in Yamaguchi City!

I share what I think about Japanese Kombucha and I unbox my Aerogarden!

We hiked Iwakuni Castle!

I talk about quarantine restrictions in our area and we visit a buddhist temple!

We went on a bamboo forest hike!

We did a stay at home paint and wine DATE NIGHT!

I give the kids a hair cut and we make mexican streetfood!

We made DIY Milk jug face planters!

I show you a full body home workout!

Nerf Gun Battle!

We made sushi candy!

Clean with me!

Homeschooling kids during this pandemic.

We went to Hiroshima and had our first okonomiyaki experience!

My baby gets emotional!

Our household goods finally arrived to Japan! We came in contact with a robot at a sushi restaurant!

The kids ride the bus for the first time and we know the proper way to enter a shrine!

It’s an empty house tour!

We go to Kaminoseki and check out the Cherry Blossoms
We went to the Peace Memorial Museum in Hiroshima!

We explore Kikko Park!

We buy a car in Japan! Check out the process.

Our experience landing in Japan & our first full day in Iwakuni!

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