Is LingoDeer effective?? Only in Japanese LingoDeer tour & review by a Japanese teacher!

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I get a lot of questions about Lingo deer from my followers:)
Today I’m going through the Lingo deer App with you all and I will be speaking only in Japanese!
So you will also practice your listening skill:)

29 Replies to “Is LingoDeer effective?? Only in Japanese LingoDeer tour & review by a Japanese teacher!”

  1. Kenji

    ミク先生, 思いっきり, 頼りっきり, これっ切り, ~~切りなどについて教えてもらえませんか? ありがとうございます

  2. cmdr tremyss

    Great video. The thing is, one of my friends suggested MemRise over LingoDeer. I went through the free trials of both (LingoDeer's is very short so I couldn't really stick with it), the main difference MemRise having short videos about people in different situations, and making you remember words with several really useful methods, as they come back over and over. While LingoDeer having a more structured system (as I can tell, from this short of an experience) and seeing the sentence in proper kanji +simplified form + hiragana+ english at the same time is super good. Can I ask your opinion on the other app Miku Sensei?

  3. Katy Perry

    i'm using LingoDeer for learning japanese and i'm very afraid of what you will say now((((
    i hope this is a good app (as i thought)😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

    upd: thank u for the review of this app, bc a heard somewhere that Duolingo is bad for learning asian languages and i was afraid that LingoDeer is bad too👀👀👀👀👀

  4. Greek in Korea

    How did you get to the "fluent" section? Is all the material you showed from the phone based app? Yours looks so much different from mine and i didnt see an option for "fluent".

  5. Philippe Heiler

    I bought and used it a lot, but I have to say it get's boring after a while. Basically the vocabulary changes but the style of the questions is always the same. It is okay to use it now and then on the phone, but learning with for example youtube videos is a lot more fun. Atlesast for me. 🙂 It is definitely not worth a monthly subscription, but you can also directly buy the whole thing (what I did).

  6. Xyo Teran

    One thing Lingo Deer has over Duolingo is you can select exactly what alphabets you want in the settings, and Duolingo doesn't have furigana at all.

    There's also a companion app for Lingodeer that just does different kinds of tests based on what you've learned so far.

    That said I use both, but I really need to buckle down with some book work and grammer stuff like Tae Kims stuff, or something similar.

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