Japan Travel Update | Tokyo is opening up to tourism? (September 2020)

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45 Replies to “Japan Travel Update | Tokyo is opening up to tourism? (September 2020)”

  1. scooternak53

    Thanks for the update.
    We're realistically looking at Fall -Winter 2021.
    My Auntie is Kyushu will be 95 and I want to visit her.
    We saw her last year.

    Please take care, you seemed as bit feisty at the beginning.
    Trolls need to get a life.

    Your voice and demeanor and information helps me get through these crazy times.
    Thank you!

    Yoroshiku to Kanae-san

  2. renato simoes

    We are a 5 people family with air Canada tickets to Japan in March 2021. We are not sure if the Canadians will be allowed to travel that time. We don't know if we do an airbnb reservation now or wait a bit more? The same thing with Shinkansen reservation? We are looking for the tendency or some best guessing for our trip…

  3. ff eater

    It's not really meaningful to talk about Japan's low covid numbers for the Olympics when people from hundreds of other countries will be coming in for the event.

  4. The Lonely Canadians

    Fantastic video. I wish I could have made it to the livestream. Hopefully my wife and I will make it back to japan at the end of next April. Keep up the great videos!

  5. crispyglitter

    Of course no one had questions about COVID. Why would we since we’re clearly not allowed to travel to Japan for an indefinite amount of time? Dates are all arbitrary until a vaccine is out.

  6. Nasse ナッセ Sweden

    In Sweden they now encourage everyone who gets sick to get a test. My two kids got sick this week. I had them tested and it was not covid-19 🙂 Just a common cold that always spread at schools in the autumn.

  7. Harold Sy

    hey john, im a big fan of yours- and a subscriber. Maybe you could upgrade your camera or shoot in Vlog. The colors are pretty horrible and flat. hope this feedback helps!

  8. Temple Viper

    They had a recent but kept very quiet correction of numbers in the U.S., it was being politicized and the CDC has recently made an admission of lying about 96% of the numbers here, so our deaths and cases are much much lower. Around 11,000 deaths compared to the near 200,000 reported before. Infections are probably closer in most countries to what Japan shows. The testing was being used to count multiple types of flu & cold which are also coronaviruses. No testing has been done that is specific to Covid-19. Hopefully the other countries with high numbers were falling victim to the deception that was going on here and things can be back to normal and give Japan that tourism boost it needs.

  9. Manny Godinez

    If you live in the US dont expect to be let in for atleast another year. About to hit a massive 2nd wave in winter. 1st wave still not over really

  10. TheKings Kitchen

    Meanwhile in the US Karen's go insane just for wearing a simple mask and claim they have an illness more like mental illness.
    Stay safe people and avoid crazy Karen's

  11. astroboy3507

    Ohh man you drop the camera in the water and hit your knee hope the knee is better now John!!!😯

    Shinzo Abe was good he could of been there for a long long time!!!! Hope he gets better!!!! And you too John!!!🙏🏼

  12. Pabitra Mallick

    i think drones are not great for fircrackers explosion piks because they might fly high may explode the drone it will good as it is ….

  13. Mark T

    Europe is getting its second wave, in the new year it will likely on its third wave. Until there is a vaccine it will be wave, after wave. It's going to be hard for Japan to let anyone in if they want to keep a cap/control of the numbers. Even if you survive it you can get reinfected.

  14. Daniel Bauhaus

    Hey!!! Here in Belgium is increasing, 3 days ago 800+ , 2 days ago 1100+, yesterday 2200+ and today 1600+…. here people doesn’t care about the masks and everyone going out to bars and restaurants.

  15. Vietnamese Born Koala

    YAY! Japan is planning to allow Australian tourists coming without 14-day prisoner like isolation. I'm planning to fly to Osaka next May. Thank you John for making this update session

  16. Mal Blount

    Love these travel updates….always good to hear both yours and the communities thoughts on what's happening in and around Japan as a whole. Thankyou again John for all your hard work in bringing this to us all👍

  17. Perdomot

    Why are people only talking about cases/infections rather than deaths? The number of deaths is so much lower than the case rate. In 2018, we had 49 million cases of the flu and 80,000 deaths here in the USA so I think a little perspective on this issue is needed.

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