Memories Off – Memories of Pinky Promise Playthrough Part 4 Learn Japanese Language with Games

Huh, I just can’t believe it this will be my first ever 4-hours video! Enjoy! Let’s continue our Memories Off – Memories of Pinky Promise. After a surprise encounter of someone unfamiliar to him, Serizawa Naoki has fainted. “Daisuke”, that name seems to has some-kind of connection with our protagonist. What could that name means to him by the way?

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  • Posted: September 20, 2020 04:52

    Shinn Game 08

    Surely you must be in love with Nagumo Kasumi's character. I do believe she went through difficult times in her life, and surely she's 10 times better than Chinatsu for our first playthrough's ending. Hopefully you guys okay with that ;) And not to mentioned, the game decided only giving voice acting for Serizawa Naoki at the opening of the game. I think I can take that fact, since love virtual novel game might feel awkward to have voice acting for the protagonist anyway :)

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