Japanese Whisky World Episode 12 (Ft. Kavalan Distillery, Floating Food & Shamisen)

This week we’re showcasing exceptional craftsmanship by welcoming guests that are driven to pursue higher standards in their chosen path. Explore behind the scenes insights from an esteemed panel from the world of whisky, food and Japanese music. Kilara Sen delivers another entertaining evening filled with news, commentary, top tier entertainment and witty comedy.

Tune in to hear Kavalan Distillery’s Kaitlyn Tsai discuss the production methods that set the distillery apart, hear the inspiration behind floating food from 3 star Michelin Chef Mike Bagale and be mesmerized by the distinctive sound and artistry of Shamisen masters Kyle Abbott and Su Bunjamin.

For more information on our guests:

Kaitlyn Tsai
Kavalan Distillery Brand Ambassador

Kyle Abbott and Su Bunjamin
Masters of Shamisen

Mike Bagale
3-Star Michelin Chef, Creator Of Floating Food & Owner Super Food Concepts

2 Replies to “Japanese Whisky World Episode 12 (Ft. Kavalan Distillery, Floating Food & Shamisen)”

  1. Archy Dolder

    Great episode, thank you! Also, thank you for including my former NYC office building in the new opening montage (55 Water St – 2 buildings to the left of the Empire State building at 17 seconds in the video)! Yay! Sad not to see Kilara Sen in the new opening montage, but as always enjoyed her talented work as moderator, cultural ambassador, comedian, and whiskey fan! Oh! It's time for a shot of Hibiki! Wax on! Wax off! Kanpai!

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