A DAY IN TOKYO | trip to my favourite shopping mall in JAPAN

A day in the life in Tokyo, Japan. We take a trip to my favourite shopping mall in Tokyo and we are not disappointed! Even though I have been living in Japan for two years, I never fully explored this Japanese mall. On my day off, I finally decided to fully visit this mall and see Tokyo from above. I highly recommend that you check in out on your next trip to Japan.

Shopping in Japan can be an amazing experience and if you visit Tokyo, the malls are a must see! This mall has a Pokemon Center, a Kirby cafe, and the tallest tower in the world – SKYTREE! SKYTREE is a truly impressive broadcasting and observation tower in Sumida. This year it held the MIDGAR FINAL FANTASY Ⅶ REMAKE exhibition. As there were so few tourists around, watching the FINAL FANTASY Ⅶ REMAKE trailer over Tokyo’s skyline, without the crowds was an incredible experience.

Thank you for watching this day in my life in Tokyo video! Most of my content is about life in Japan and what it is like living in Japan as a foreigner. Even though I live in Tokyo, I had the opportunity to travel to both Northern and Southern Japan and I hope to give you some useful tips, and recommend places to visit on your next trip to Japan! There are many foreigners who are interested in living and working in Japan. I have some useful videos about living, accommodation and visas. Please check them out! If you want to see some daily Japan vlogs, please check out my Tokyo Diaries playlist!

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34 Replies to “A DAY IN TOKYO | trip to my favourite shopping mall in JAPAN”

  1. anglebo

    The view looks amazing even when it’s cloudy! I’m surprised it took you this long to see the skytree since I know how much you love towers 😂 made me laugh when the flower wasn’t edible! I swear that always happens to you hahaha

  2. Spark _

    I have to correct something ,I left my comment to your community post( I think that's how you call it !? ) you did earlier reg.your dad. I told there that you could read about my reincarnation experience I told to my friends on another channel ,if you wanted to .I might had said the name wrong ,it's bubzilla channel . I tried to go back to my old comment ,but I couldn't find it anymore ! I hope you're doing better ! Again, I am very sorry for your loss & your dad ! 💜💜💜💞

  3. th1994274

    I doubted my eyes when watching the date of video (I thought you are back to Japan)…
    I have experienced Tokyo skytree by your video. It's really good.
    I'm Japanese and live in east of Tokyo, but haven't visited there yet. I want to go skytree because it's so empty. it's a chance!

  4. Jack Hall

    Thanks for sharing this cool video! I'm planning my first trip to Japan, so I'm reading a lot and seeing a lot of videos, and until now you and jrailpass.com/blog are the ones giving me more envy and desire to go right noooow! I can't wait!

  5. Spark _

    Thank you so much for clearfying on the skytree's tallest tower status ! I heard it as " the tallest " ,then Dubai's building as the tallest in the world ,then found out more about 'em later ,then got confused again ! Lol. So, it is the tallest " TOWER" ,not as a building ! The view at night from the restaurant in the sky tree was GORGEOUS ! Like gems in a jewelry box ! Hope you're doing well & everything is going well with your family as well !😍💜💜💜💜🥁🎵🐉🎤🎶💖💕💞

  6. Animechick x

    Thank you for this Vlog! Tokyo skytree is amazing and I loved the Kirby Cafe because the birthday cake looked amazing but the drink was waaaaay too small for John lol. Thank you for showing us around because I've only been in the Pokèmon Centre so hopefully I'll be back in the future and I can visit Skytree 😁

  7. Md. Morshed Alam

    Hello there! Wow! Wonderful video. What were your vlogging gadgets and gears for this video and audio? Thanks in advance Marianna. Stay safe and stay blessed. Take care.

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