Japanese Language: Kanji [streamed 12th September 2020]

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Here are the timecodes, so you can jump to the part that you want to see:
0:00 Introduction
0:52 [History] Kanji Beginnings
2:17 [History] Development of Kanji
3:58 [History] Simplification of Kanji
5:26 [History] Kanji coming to Japan
11:31 Questions
15:42 [Etymology] Literal readings of Kanji
30:31 [Etymology] Kanji used for face
33:52 [Etymology] Contextual Meaning of Kanji
37:01 Kun’yomi and On’yomi
42:21 [Etymology] Kanji made based on phonetic sounds
43:17 [Etymology] Kanji Modifications
45:53 [Etymology] How Kanji defines meaning of words
52:21 [Etymology] Associative Transformation Kanji
54:52 Questions
1:02:56 Final Questions and extra tips of how to study Kanji
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This video was a product of a livestream we did on our Japanese Study Discord Server on Saturday 12th September 2020.

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