How to Travel Japan on the CHEAP (2020) | Budget Travel Tips

Japan is NOT expensive. Find out how to travel Japan on a budget in the first part of our Japan travel guide series and discover where you can find the cheapest eats, free attractions and save on transportation.

Not gonna lie. Making your trip to Japan as cheap as possible comes down to self-control. There’s SO much to do and eat that you’ll find yourself constantly spending money without even realising. Trust us, we’ve made that mistake. It’s hella hard to resist.

If you have the willpower to resist snacks, fun touristy things (*ahem* animal cafes); and stay in hostels, capsules or with host families, you can reduce your Japan trip cost and make it a decently cheap vacay.

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8 Replies to “How to Travel Japan on the CHEAP (2020) | Budget Travel Tips”

  1. Santos Chronicles

    Having a family, it would be great to figure out how to save money. I have never tried packaged meals from 7-11. They actually look good. Yes, the sushi train is back. Portion control is our problem, especially us getting snacks.

  2. Peter and Yen

    Great tips cause Japan can definitely get expensive. The conveni stores are often our go to for a cheap onigiri which ends into an expensive snack run 😂 yoshinoya is also a great v recommendation 👍 I find those cheap all you can eat izakayas have some tough sakes 😂 trains are cheap but they add up real fast, walking definitely better and you see more too. Since the strict Airbnb rules they are way more expensive now…. Used to be able to get a room for $60 per person a night but no more.

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