Japan Travel-The Spider Lily Festival in Koma (Kinchakuda-Manjushage)

A once-a-year event, the Spider Lily Festival takes place in the fall months in Koma, just an hour train ride away from the city of Tokyo. SUBSCRIBE for more videos.

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6 Replies to “Japan Travel-The Spider Lily Festival in Koma (Kinchakuda-Manjushage)”

  1. My Simplistic Pleasures

    All that local produce looked good. Those huge green been looking things are jaw-dropping in size. Green beans does not grow that big where I'm from. Very beautiful flowers. They look very interesting, too.. Thanks for sharing your trip. ^^

    I've been going back to your older videos, and have been enjoying them. 🙂

  2. SilverRain1984

    I would like to see those flower in autumn but how long does the blooming last for and when does it start so I can plan my trip properly ?

  3. Jenny Silver Japan IRL

    OMG! This was the town that I lived in for three years when I first came out here! Thank you for such a beautiful portrayal of my "J hometown!" (even though I lived on the much duller side of town!) I forgot how special Hidaka was. <3

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