Dr. Esther Hesline Palandi, M.Pd.
Politeknik Negeri Malang
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Honne and Tatemae are cultural values of Japanese society that appear in communication. Honne is the speaker’s true passion and feelings and is not shown to the public, while Tatemae is the speaker’s passion and feelings that are raised for various reasons/purposes, such as avoiding offending feelings or embarrassing others. These cultural values are a communication strategy and a Japanese politeness strategy that aims to prevent conflict and maintain harmony. The Honne and Tatemae concepts are elements of the Harmony philosophy. In the socio-cultural aspect, harmony appears in the diversity of customs with the intention of creating or maintaining unity. The existence of Honne and Tatemae can be seen in the behavior and speech acts of the Japanese. The purpose of this study is to describe the meaning of behavior and speech acts which can prove that Honne and Tatemae live in Japanese culture, as well as to describe the characteristics of Honne and Tatemae in the behavior and speech acts of Japanese society. The method for analyzing the existence of Honne and Tatemae in Japanese language and culture this time is descriptive qualitative, with an interpretive phenomenological approach. Pragmatics examines the aims and objectives of behavior, and Semantics examines the meaning of lingual units (discourse). The data analysis procedure used transcription, interpretation, and description. The results of the data analysis prove that the Honne and Tatemae concepts live in the behavior and speech acts of Japanese society. Data discourse is proven to contain the concept of Honne and Tatemae. The description of each data illustrates in real terms that the concepts of Honne and Tatemae are closely integrated into Japanese identity. The conclusion of this study is for the sake of harmony, “Honne and Tatemae”, which is the local wisdom of the Japanese people, is actualized in everyday life.

Keywords: Honne, Tatemae, philosophy, communication, politeness

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