I Tried Iroha for 3 Days // Japanese Speaking Practice

Hey everyone, this is the first video ever that I’ve been ASKED to make, so I’m really excited. I tried out the language learning website, IROHA, for 3 days. For full transparency, I was given the 3 lessons for free, but the opinions in the video are my real opinions.

If you would like to try a FREE lesson with Iroha, here is the link:

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7 Replies to “I Tried Iroha for 3 Days // Japanese Speaking Practice”

  1. Julian Drinkwater

    That looks like a good system. I'll put that away for possible use in the future. My misses keeps throwing in Kansai words when I try to practice, which just confuses the hell out of me.

  2. トゥース.


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