Travel in Japan during the "corona era," virus prevention measures and mood

With Tokyo set to be included in the Japanese government’s contentious Go To Travel campaign from October 1 — a campaign through which travelers can currently make use of discounts of 35% off their travel expenses — sales for the campaign with Tokyo as point of departure and arrival are going to begin from September 18 (from noon), according to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Using this as the background, in this video we recount a recent long-distance domestic travel experience in Japan (Tokyo to Nagasaki), looking at what kind of virus prevention measures we encountered at places like airports, on board the planes, at hotels and sightseeing locations. We also reflect on how these measures influenced our ability to enjoy the Japan travel experience.

Actually, this particular trip was for work but it represented our first time outside of the Kanto area since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

With the Go To Travel campaign set to be available to residents of Tokyo and those looking to make Tokyo a travel destination we hope that this video can arm travelers with some idea of what to expect from the experience at this time in the hopes that it we enable them to travel safely and smoothly, and not upset any of the locals.

**Note: This video is not about travel to Japan from overseas. At the time of making this video, overseas tourists were still not permitted to enter Japan as a measure to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19-causing novel coronavirus.

***Note: The “Go To Travel” campaign is only available to residents of Japan (native or otherwise), to the best of our understanding.

For more about travel to / from Japan for foreign residents of the country, see our video: Japan’s COVID re-entry restrictions lifting for expats, is travel going to be worth it?

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