Is Solo travel right for YOU? (Talking about Japan Travel)

So you’ve been putting off the trip of a life time? you’re friends aren’t as adventurous as you? You’re worried about your first solo trip? This video talks about some of my experiences when travelling on my own around Japan and how you can also travel around Japan without fear. Join in to the conversation and give other nervous travellers some advise!

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7 Replies to “Is Solo travel right for YOU? (Talking about Japan Travel)”

  1. Ninja Monkey

    I hope this chat encourages you to travel japan weather solo or with someone else! Don’t forget to share your tips with other viewers!

  2. Tina V.

    Hi Nathan! I absolutely LOVED this video! Your postcard tip @6:00 is a FANTASTIC idea and one, I'll do! In commenting on one of your other videos, I mentioned that I've been to España three times in the past 3 years.
    Those trips helped me to hone down what I took, into a 28ltr backpack, with room for some souvenirs! They were also productive in helping me to venture out and do more things solo. Now, here I am learning from YOU that yes, even in such a foreign country to me as Japan will be, that I have no need to be overly concerned, and that's GREAT!
    I do lots of planning ahead much like you but, am quickly adaptable to adjust my itinerary when needed. Let me ask you about the "Line App"…I have and use WhatsApp but it's my understanding that Japan prefers Line…was this your experience? Now, off I go to either watch some more of your videos or, continue checking out your GORGEOUS Instagram pix. どうもありがとうございました 😎 and, ¡Ole, Mono Ninja!

  3. MomentsWithNick

    Totally agree with you. Been to many countries and Japan is by far the best country for solo travelers. But like you said, going solo can get somewhat lonely sometimes. My last legit longer solo trip was 2015 when I made those first few videos. I had a great time but I'm convinced that making videos kept me busy and without that, I'm not sure I would have enjoyed it as much. Traveling with friends allows you to share the enjoyment which is a huge plus in my opinion. Just realized this again during our Tohoku trip.
    For me, going solo is great and I love being free but I think I wouldn't want to be by myself for more than a week. Either way, I'd totally recommend a solo Japan trip to anyone who hasn't done one yet.

  4. Caroline

    Totally agree with you, Nathan. Whenever I travel with others I end up not doing anything I want to do, since I tend to defer to them… and they haven’t planned, don’t know what they want… it’s infuriating. Going to Singapore/Tokyo/Seoul this December with friends. I decided to fly back to Tokyo after Seoul so I can have another week on my own. Your postcard tip is brilliant!

  5. michael j

    Totally agree with you, being able to please yourself what you do and where you go and how long you stay and not have to worry about someone else . Also the danger of falling out or having arguments ( been there it's never been right since ) The feed back I got from Welsh Rugby fans after the world cup have been fantastic the Japanese people where absolutely fantastic so friendly I want by what people have said and some will be going back . Nice vlog as always

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