STREET FOOD IN KAMAKURA!! Kamakura Japan // Boba crepe + Daibutsu-yaki

Went to go try out the street foods in Kamakura! This place is located in Tokyo Japan and is very easy to access! All the street foods were pretty unique and was very Kamakura style but very delicious!

Once all the stores open back up we’re definitely gonna make our way back there so we can show you guys more of Kamakura!!

Watch me eat a Tarantula from a vending machine!

Watch me eat Kawaii (cute) Japanese food from Harajuku!

Let me show you the top 8 Ramens in Japan..all on one street!

Take a walk with me around Asakusa!

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  1. C'est Moi Sheila

    Why are ppl sleeping on this channel? I just binged watched the videos and this channel is so great , also one of my sources to life in japan

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