Matsushima Japan Drone Adventure

This is Matsushima one of Japan’s 3 ‘most
‘Most beautiful’ spots. We are going to fly around Fukuurashima Island for a spectacular view from above. Please have your boarding pass ready!

FOR BEST FOOTAGE Please skip to 09:00
We used an app to screen share the stream and there’s a bit of tilted screen trouble when not in flight- first timer drone snafus. 😅

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28 Replies to “Matsushima Japan Drone Adventure”

  1. Peter von Gomm JAPAN LIVE

    Thanks for joining! Matsushima is such a beautiful area, it’s no surprise it ranks as one of Japan’s most beautiful places.

    Still workin’ out the notorious BUGz. The upright fun begins around 09:00.

  2. Alma Oaxaca

    Love that you can do this. Making new friends, it’s like traveling with Elvis. Love it. Understood that you were explaining that you can not fly it in Tokyo.

  3. Rosemary Fletcher

    I really enjoy watching your trips you take. It gives me a chance to see Japan. I thought a few yrs ago acouple from Japan, Jun and Rachael visited a Cat Island and there was a cat cafe, and they had a animal show going on. Maybe theres another cat island. they have 3 cats. and theres another channel called Kittisaurus and she has 7 cats plus a mother cat and 2 kittens. I love cats. Had a Siamese for 23 yrs and the last cat 13 yrs. So maybe the cat cafe is gone. enjoyed watching your video, and also like it when you ride your motorcycle. So take care, and I will keep watching. zRosemary Fletcher

  4. Katz Lucas

    I seriously was watching this after-drone flight with my head tilted. And i was not complaining. Peter, this just shows how much we love you.

  5. Jari Hult

    Cool drone video , i missed this like that earlier stream as well , and as we all know the reason for it ( time difference is so big )….. Good stream though and nice drone flying skills 👍

  6. deanzaZZR

    We walked across that red bridge in December of last year. They weren't farming oysters (I'm guessing) then and we were met by a flotilla of Santa Clauses on paddles boards throwing candy to children!

  7. Xanderman

    Is it hard to control a drone? Have you crashed one and had to buy a new one? How far can the drone travel from the handler? What happens if you reach the limit, does it just hover there or does it fall haha. Wow that smart controller is cool. Is the height automatically maintained until you move it manually? I know I can google this sorry. Ikura desuka? Awesome! it returns to base when low battery. Nice video.

  8. 4ever808

    What, no preflight safety announcement? Been to Amanohashidate and Miyajima but Matsushima is still on my to do list. Your drone shots have filled a void so arigatoo so much!

  9. The Monte Phone

    You’re a gentle pro w a keen eye on focus…love seeing the same view screen as you.

    You’re doing great!
    ?Amateur ?! What? No evidence of it…t y for commentary

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