Food Panda Japan | is it worth it?

what is Food panda? is it better than Uber Eats? How flexible it is? Can I make good money with food Panda?

I am so new and excited to try this new delivery app in Japan, Food Panda is a big company around the world, and I curious if It can be better then Uber.

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👉 To be a Uber Eats driver:
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👉 The mini camera I use
👉 The Rode mic I use
👉 The Moano Mic I use
👉 The big camera I use
👉 The Lens I use
👉 The tripod I use

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  1. JUNE 。

    Hello. I’m from south korea. My wife is japanese. Are you still playing UberEats? I live in Kumamoto. I saw your UberEats delivery for the first time yesterday. I'm going to try it from next week, too. Wear a mask and stay healthy

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