TRAVELING TO JAPAN || Japan Trip Day 1


Follow along with me and my family as we spend over a week in Japan sight-seeing, trying to eat, and spending lots of money on shenanigans!

Also bare with me as I edit these videos at turtle speed.
Thank you so much for watching!
If you have any questions about our trip please leave them in the comments below! I love reading and replying to them!

Also feedback is very much appreciated! Let me know what you’d like to see and how I can improve on these vlogs!

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xoxo Christina


melvv – vibe

Ikson – Ocean

Attom – Glow

27 Replies to “TRAVELING TO JAPAN || Japan Trip Day 1”

  1. Maddy Godt

    I loved this travel vlog!! You had a lot of great clips showing the plane and airport, and the perfect amount of talking 🙂 I’ve always wanted to visit Japan, it seems so peaceful and stunning. Looking forward to your next vlog 👏☺️

  2. BikkoArt

    I live in Tokyo and I don't know why your video was recommended but enjoy your stay here.
    You sure picked a hot period to come though haha!

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