Bikanervala Thali reaction! Japanese try Indian Food

I like bikanervala thali! it’s fresh and tasty!

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26 Replies to “Bikanervala Thali reaction! Japanese try Indian Food”

  1. Biondi Subbaiah

    Careful with the pickle guys, u can eat it with 🍚 rice or any kind of Indian bread, eating 2 much pickle can lead to stomach ulcer…

  2. leafonabreeze

    I hate that every place gives the same gulab jamun which is the worst thing for health on the plate…. there's like a million other sweets they can give… but no, just serve the fried dough

  3. anita deshpande

    Readymade pickles have citric acid as a preservative so they taste very sour whereas our homemade pickles have natural sourness of raw mangoes or lemon ! even we Indians don't take that much pickle or chutney in one bite !

  4. Amandeep Singh

    Your way of eating pickle isn't right, don't eat whole piece of pickle, even we can't eat pickle like this. You just slightly touch the pickle with roti, naan or bhature etc. It's is good for taste engagement and digestion.

  5. massayang

    Btw, are you on some assignment or student exchange programme or just visiting? Do you work/ earn in India or just touring? Curious to know how do you support yourself with the expenses?

  6. massayang

    Never eat just pickle alone and that too so much. In India, pickle is very spicy, hot(pungent) and salty. A very small quantity to be added to your meal. Try cooked rice+Yogurth (curd) + little pickle of your choice (Lemon, mango etc) and see if you like it..

  7. rajeev kumar

    Yuki brother you are supposed to just touch the pickle with paratha for flavor. You dont eat a spoonful 😂😂…Anyways the food looks yummy. Hope it was "Sab achhaa hai" 😂😂….Guys there are loads of food joints and street food in Delhi and Gurugram…So keep exploring….cheers….

  8. Wise President

    No no no don't take such big bite of pickle. Just take a very little amount. The most effective way of eating pickle is you take a small piece of roti dip into pickle probably take a small amount of veggies from the pickle and then dip it in any desirable curry.

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