JAPANESE 101 WITH DYNA – learn Japanese Language

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JAPANESE 101 WITH DYNA – learn Japanese Language
What you will learn in this course ?
What you’ll learnLearn the basic function of Japanese grammar and how to construct sentencesBuild vocabulary to apply to your own studiesImprove your understanding of pronunciationLearn new expressions and how to ask questionsUnderstand the difference between Japanese particles
If you simply want to say cool phrases, then I’d suggest buying a phrase book. But if you’ve come to discover what makes this language worth learning, then you’ve come to the right lessons!
Throughout this journey, I’m going to teach you how to:
Speak REAL Japanese. Not the robotic way textbooks say you should speak. My lessons focus on human speech patterns, proper usage of words, and learning about nuances of pitch and tone. Throughout the course there will be illustrations for visual learners, as well as a copy of the lesson in PDF format. There will also be vocabulary review. I will incorporate clips of Japanese dramas, T.V programs and slice of life anime when possible, so you can see how to implement these lessons in real life conversations.
What you will learn by the end of the course:
You will learn the basic function of Japanese grammar and sentence structure. You will learn to identify hiragana and katakana characters and how to use them, write complete sentences. My lessons also aim to improve your understanding of pronunciation, provide new vocabulary and expressions, as well as give an in-depth explanation at the function of particles in Japanese—–a common obstacle for many Japanese learners.
This course is: Interactive, fun, engaging and includes the help of anime and Japanese entertainment! Advice: Don’t be so serious. Learning Japanese is fun and exciting! However, we must get through the basics to understand what makes Japanese so much fun to learn!
this is the best Japanese Language course. you can download and watch for free after enroll.

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