Hikikomori Japanese language presentation with feedback and commentary

This was a Japanese language presentation for Seneca’s Japanese language Conversation Class regarding the Japanese social issue, Hikikomori. Essentially their version of a recluse or shut in. You can probably tell, I did not proof read it (the teacher picked up on that), and I definitely did not practice reading the darn thing which is why I think it turned out poorly. Still I tried to challenge myself by covering a complicated topic that I actually like reading about.

Also while the teacher gave me a lot of praise, I think she was just being nice haha! Well I’ll do better next time by thinking in Japanese instead of translating my own words into it. If anything I learned from this experience is that I have to practice reading more if I hope to present more complicated topics.

I will say, can’t believe I forgot how to politely refer to a man or woman… That was very stupid of me!!
man: “otoko no hito” or “dansei”
woman: “onna no hito ” or “josei”

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