Learn Japanese Calligraphy and Kanji in 60 days – learn Japanese Language

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Learn Japanese Calligraphy and Kanji in 60 days – learn Japanese Language
What you will learn in this course ?
What you’ll learnBasically you will learn two things in this course. One is learn 100 frequently use Japanese Kanji in 60 days,The other is to learn Oriental Art expression through Japanese Calligraphy, which is called Shodo.For Shodo part, young prosupect Shodo artist, Kan-Oh Nagata, who was awarded 2017 Mainichi Shodo Exhibition,Public Participant Division, the largest Shodo Exhibition in Japan, is the instructor to teach bothtechnical skills and artistic presentation skills. Particularly artistic skill video is hard to find anywhere else.
Professional Shodo Artist, Kan-Oh Nagata and Team YKY bring you the newest Kanji and Japanese Calligraphy (Shodo) technical and artistic guide.  Our program is very unique and worth for time and money you are going to spend.(1) Scientific data shows that people forget 66% of new things they learnt in 24 hours. And 90 % will be lost in one month. To avoid this forgetting, we take approach of (a) repete many times (b) encourage writing. These two are key for memory building.(2) Learning Kanji is a great moving step to Japanese language and culture. I used to hire some non-Japanese passport holders in a big organization. At that time I respected a person who was able to read Kanji. Knowing Kanji is good to communicate, but also I respect the effort  he/she spent to learn Kanji.(3) This course will teach you 100 Kanji. At the same time students will be able to learn Japanese Calligraphy, Shodo. Shodo part is not an extra. It relates to memorizing Kanji. In one tuition to have both learning is like a “”one candy two different taste.””(4) Shodo part, Kan-Oh created 3 different type of video. One is technical which is more or less common in the intenet. The other two are “”Artistic Technique”” and “”Level-Up Video”” These two are very difficult for overseas students to find, even for Japanese students. This is Kan-Oh’s special gift for Udemy students.(5) Team YKY has an experience to produce Origami lecture in the past. Over 8000 students joined and we get points over 4.2.  Our course is in Enlish, and you will be surprised the quality of English used here. Evaluation of Origami course has the same feedback.
this is the best Japanese Language course. you can download and watch for free after enroll.

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