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Wakasa Natural Walking Path 若挟自然遊歩道

On the beach side next to the Marine Park is a natural walking path laid out along the coast which is connected to the north. You can make your entrance from the path which is paved toward the coast. There are information panels explaining how the path is connected as a part of this coastal pleasure walking course as well as species you might encounter in the water around the area. You can either go up and down this path or head out all the way to the north where the path is connected to the road

Sekumi Bay 世久見湾・ 鳥辺島展望台

Sekumi Bay is located on the west side of Tsunegami peninsula along route 162. The bay area is a deeply indented coastline called a rias coastline. The waters around this area has visual clearity as deep as 20 meters below surface. As you go along the road further into the east from Marine Park you will see this observation point of Sekumi. From this point you can see the best view of Ubejima Island floating in the middle of the bay which is designated as a national park of Wakasa. This no man’s island is considered to be a sacred island of Mikata as well as natural habitat of some precous species of marine lives. It would be a nice experience that you come here for the time of sunset at the end of your day.
On the other side of the coast is a verdant hills of mountains. The road reads to a village of Sekumi right after the observation point to the east. The village is a popular destination for the ones to enjoy summertime at Sekumi Beach next to Sekumi Fishery port. web-link :

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