French, German, English, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Spanish languages lessons with native speakers

For only 26 usd per hour!

Wouldn’t it be awesome to be here in Paris and speak French fluently?
Take online French classes with Glasha Consulting and you will make this happen.
We will help you to progress quickly and make you speak what you learn. Your classes are individual and tailor fit to your needs. At any place and your convenient time

Let’s do this. If you book now, you’ll get your first class for free. Our gift to you.

Take a quick look at some Glasha facts :

– We provide lessons in 12 different languages for 500 students from 26 different countries

180 students successfully entered European and American universities from the top-20 rated institutions of higher education

– Our teachers are certified native speakers who can help you start from beginners level to advanced and guarantee quick progress

Reach your goal with us! Start now by booking your free first class!

We wish you a happy learning!!!

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