The ice cream which is sold most in Japan.【Japan food】 【icecream】【Japan ice】【chocolate ice bar】

It is the ice cream which a chocolate bar rate was inserted between to ice of the monaka. Chocolate oil is coated inside of the monaka that water of the ice moves to monaka other than chocolate inserted between the middle and prevents it from swelling up.
In 1972, I start sale as chocolate monaka. I was developed under the theme of the ice only in the chocolatier. I only put chocolate spray inside of monaka in those days. It is from 1996 when it changed a name to chocolate monaka jumbo that I became able to have chocolate like the present. When the brand name changes afterward, a catch phrase often changes.
I aim for “less than five days” “crunchily” because a texture is selling until it hits the shelves from production

It is said that monaka ice was born at the end in the Taisho era although I do not know it definitely when the origin of the monaka ice is.
A patent was applied for saying that I devised the monaka ice which sandwiched the ice with monaka in 1927 (Showa 2), and it was admitted what kind of thing it was once.
But it became clear that the monaka ice which sandwiched the monaka in ice had already existed from the end in the Taisho era several years ago and was canceled.
Who devises it in when of the end of the Taisho era, and the part that where is the birthplace is unidentified, but I consider it to have already existed and must be at least the end in the Taisho era when I think about the above.
By the way, because the tooth ached from the ice cream in old days, and the stomach did not ache, I attached a wafer and was eaten.
So who がが might hit on an idea to put ice and monaka together that a texture of the middle that Japan had was similar to a wafer.

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