Travel : Japan in Indian Sign Language

Please watch the explanation video in Indian Sign Language (ISL).

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27 Replies to “Travel : Japan in Indian Sign Language”

  1. Ganesh Biradar

    Good morning Sir and madam
    She is clear sign good. She is kindly perfect💯. I ask Sir, She with deepak always do sign. I want to understand to clear to interesting them. Thank you DeafLearn

  2. ashna soosan

    I suggest you to show the pictures of Japan like dress , food , japanese face , their cultural we would enjoy more anyways thanks for sharing me information about Japan
    Thanks to Dlearn team❤️

  3. Deepak Joshi

    You are some wrong for kung fu not is in Japan…. Kung fu is in China and foundation by Indian Bodhidharma. Sharing our feedback.

  4. remya nair

    First Japan put bomb in Pearl Harbor in USA danger bomb. America army r very angry same put same bomb in two places in Japan. Japan hve lost so they surrender to usa

  5. Umesh Mungase

    Ask DeafLearn E Team!
    It is good sign clearly but Not behind white (Colour) becz people always see it their eyes hurtling as losing their eyes..
    plz better put to behind black or other colours . They save their eyes in the life..

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