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Let’s go for a ride! We hope to show you not only the tourist destinations but also the places only the locals visit.

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Next to Togoshi-Ginza Station is Togoshi Ginza Shopping District, a long strip lined with hit restaurants and shops. Don’t be surprised if you bump into TV celebrities and cameramen lugging around film equipment as the street is often featured on food-related programs and in popular foodie magazines.

As you make your way down the strip, don’t miss the chance to sample some of Tokyo’s best snacks. Here you can buy everything from rarities like oden croquettes to comfort foods like curry pan (savory curry-filled bread rolls), and cute cat-shaped doughnuts from the popular Floresta doughnut store.

Togoshi Ginza Shopping District is one of the leading shopping districts in the Kanto region, extending a total length of 1.3km. With more than 400 businesses lining the shopping street, there are still many shops dealing in fresh meat, fish and produce, and it caters mainly to locals shopping for daily necessities.

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Camera: GoPro HERO9 Black

Filmed in December 2020

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  1. Lesdude86

    Hahahaha, an up-and-down trip on a shopping street. I didn't even notice that it was forward and 'backwards' until I checked the map.

    Nice narrow driving Mr. TS 🙂

  2. Peter M

    Thank you Tokyo Smith. If it is Friday, it must be Tokyo. I want to get lost in Ginza. Although as a Westerner that, (probably), would not be difficult. I would probably revert to using intellectual Mind instead of Intuitive Mind, (as taught by Zen). Did I not see an Omen? First a Volkswagen bus, and then a Volkswagen campervan. I was pleased you had to stop at the railway crossing to let a train pass. Am I not a secret Japan Railways train enthusiast? There is the new developing philosophical theory that we live in a Virtual Reality within a Simulation. Every time you take your Followers for a drive, you are expanding their Virtual Universe and creating new scenarios. The Zen of Hidden Realities.

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