What is Japanese Language? – Japanese Polyglot Explains!

If you learn Japanese, I’ll be there to help you:

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Currently making a polyglot challenge; What if a 10-language speaker study Dutch for only 100 hours.
Dutch is a completely new language for me, but I’ve got huge desire to speak.
Rules: NO BUDGET, NO REAL TALKS and NO BOOKS. Only 100 hrs are given.
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Study Vlog(100-hour Dutch Learning Challenge) :

Shu Horiike
Born in Tokyo. Graduated Aoyamagakuin University as the top seat student. CEO at Kiralabo Inc. 10-language speaker. DJ/Producer. Angler.
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2 Replies to “What is Japanese Language? – Japanese Polyglot Explains!”

  1. Khaled Sabri

    Watashi wa Saber desu, watashi wa arujeria-jin mo enjinia desu!
    O guenki deska ?
    Doozo yoroshiku onegaishi masu.

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