A Week Of Food: Japan Vs. UK

Midnight ice cream run? No regrets.

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46 Replies to “A Week Of Food: Japan Vs. UK”

  1. Jacques Ng

    British food is much more carb, gluten and transfat to compare to Japanese Food. I prefer to eat healthy food and delicious food like JP

  2. May Choy

    $3 for a pasta bowl, large packet of chips and water. Wow. What a steal. Over where I am, you are charged $3-4 for a bottle of water.

  3. Depя❶รέdGxcHa

    i live in japan and i tried goya champuru and…

    the goya tasted bitter and i didnt like it (im not being mean ik people have their own opinion -3-"")

  4. a potato

    Can the title thing at the top of the video get it right? She said chips Not "fries" and they're pain au chocolats not croissants. Also the Japanese girl is totally right. IT'S JELLY! Wtf is jello?

  5. Person Oisels

    I mean, the british one isn't inauthentic, but damn is she on a quest to eat only the least nutritious things available? To be fair the ""I've eaten a load of fatty sugary garbage, now I'll eat a few grapes so now I'm healthy" thing is relatable.

  6. Angelina Zink

    I did a Japanese diet and ate so much but lost so much weight compared to what I usually ate. I'm sticking to Japanese food and on cheat day, Canadian food (Gimmie the poutinneeee)

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