1st Time in Japan! | Pt. 1 | Japan Travel Vlog~

Hello Everyone! I’m in Japan!!! It’s so cool to be traveling with my friends Tia & Nicole! Part 1 features us wandering around Akihabara! I mean, I’m an anime nerd, so of course this had to be spot number 1 (we’ll venture back around in another video). I’m so happy that I’m finally getting around to editing these Japan Vlogs! So sit back, grab some tea & snacks and enjoy~

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14 Replies to “1st Time in Japan! | Pt. 1 | Japan Travel Vlog~”

  1. Camilla

    Wow😯 This was a Awsome vlog. Really enjoyed watching your recent videos. So glad to see you again Enjoy Japan!🏔😊🙌🏾

  2. さいとーくん 小卒の慶應生

    日本へようこそ(^ ^)

    I’m glad that you look pleased with Japanese anime goods. I see you like Fruits Basket and Anohana.
    By the way I’m gonna introduce many Japanese anime in my channel. So please check it if you want.🤗

  3. CosmicCoffee_91

    hi.I'm super fan of your YouTube channel Cali Tea.I really enjoy watching all the videos on your YouTube channel.I really admire that you take the time to upload amazing videos on your YouTube channel.you're amazing.Keep up the great work.

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