FUKUI Mikata Five lakes & Tsuruga /Beautiful nature & Fresh seafood – Japan Cinematic Travel Vlog

Our journey continues in Fukui prefecture.
We visited quaint machiya accommodation and Kehi shrine in Tsuruga city. Also, we enjoyed the beautiful scenery from Mikata Five lake rainbow line and had delicious seafood from the Sea of Japan at one of the biggest fish markets that locals are proud of.

Hopefully, everyone enjoyed our videos about Shiga and Fukui prefecture. Please come and visit those prefectures filled with warmth and charm of people ♪

Production cooperation: Fukui prefecture
Thank you very much to everyone who cooperated with us!!
Filmed by: SONY VLOGCAM ZV-1


Where to introduce on this video:

▶三丁町さのや Sanoya

▶レインボーライン Rainbow Line

▶日本海さかな街 Nihonkai Sakanamachi (Seafood Market)


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