32 Replies to “Food in Japan Hits Different”

  1. Andrew Spencer

    Eel has easily become my favorite fish of all time. Squid or cuddlefish is second but I wish eels were more of a common food here in America.

  2. edward erive

    Nah burgers will never be better than in n out I’m sorry. My homie came from Japan and he cries knowing they don’t got in n out yet.

  3. Num_2_Son

    Tsukemen is king.
    There’s also this other take on ramen called abura soba.
    Kushikatsu is incredible (it’s mostly available in Osaka to my knowledge)

    Fuck I miss japan lol.

  4. Randy Yansaud

    even though the first thing i came for was to see sakura in person, food is one of the things that made me come back to japan.
    okonomiyaki (my favorite one so far had anago in it) is fine but the dishes i always come back to no matter what are unadon, oden, kaisendon, ramen, wagyu (when i can afford it). i find there is so much good food to try out in japan that i often forget to go to a proper sushi before i go back home…

  5. mub cl' bhoy

    hmm, that explains yakitate japan,food wars and about a dozen other food anime reactions.

    brb selling a kidney so I can go to japan and experience orgasmic foods

  6. Dim Simo

    Katsu curry my ultimate favourite food like i dont care if anyone says it tastes generic or boring, il devour atleast one of those everytime i come to japan

  7. Koribi32

    I lived in Oita for half a year, and all the food was a m a z i n g, except for one thing, pizza. At best is was fine, and at its worst time it was literally a stale piece of bread with a little bit of cheese on it, with no toppings and no tomato sauce. This probably won't be an issue in bigger cities though.

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