My last road trip while living in Japan!! | Japanese Countryside

This place is so awesome I had to revisit it before moving out of Japan.
Always a great time with my girls from @Tokyo Creative, Nikko in Tochigi is the chillest place.

Happy new year! I’m glad I could pump out a video before the year ends just to prove to myself I could do it. I hope 2021 will bring you more smiles.
Lots of love,

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38 Replies to “My last road trip while living in Japan!! | Japanese Countryside”

  1. Noble Monster Comics

    Natasha!!! It’s so good to see you. I’ve missed you terribly since you left TC. And, this video was a great New Year’s surprise. I hope your 2021 is filled with health, happiness, and love.

  2. Hyemina

    I love the matching clothes SO MUCH. The texts are super adorable.

    Also I’m SO happy too see Natasha and people from Tokyo Creative together in the video. So much happiness is coming through the video.🧡 I hope Natasha can catch up with everyone again soon!😊

  3. Enigma Dave

    That "Thanks for coming along, won't you stay a while?" closing card on this video did the trick. I've subscribed to your channel, and won't need to rely upon word-of-mouth notifications from Tokyo Creative people to know when you've posted a video! I hope you'll be making and posting new videos from 🇸🇬.

  4. Melanie Jane Procter

    I'm going to miss you Natasha you at Tokyo creative it will not be the same without you 😢 💔
    Happy New Year 😍💖🍾🥂🎉🎉🎙🎶XXX

  5. Ashley

    I didn't get that hiragana joke lol I read "Hiiya" so I thought maybe it was referencing martial art noises people make like "hiya!" (read hee-ya). Oh well.

    Overall it was a fun video and looked like a wonderful trip! Have a happy New Years! 🙂

  6. Little Giant Shiori

    I miss this trip and you so much! We should do every year if possible ♥️ We will visit you Natasha! Let’s find matching clothes agaaain 🍋✨

  7. ellespazz

    IT'S GOOD TO BE BACK HAHAHA!! Stay tuned for more videos <3
    thanks everyone for waiting and thanks to my Patrons who are always supporting me! Happy New Year sweeties x

  8. Livia Cret

    So nice seeing you again Natasha! Thank you for sharing with us you're last trip in Japan. I hope you're safe and sound I wish you an awesome year to come! Take care.
    P.S. You on that rock – that was one of the cutest things I've seen.

  9. NissanR33Ztune

    that walk from the shrine parking down to the town is super nice, but the way the bridge vibrates across the river always gets me.

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