Fake Food, Real Art: Crafting Display Delicacies

In Japan, it’s customary for restaurants to display their offerings inside their front windows. Think restaurant window shopping. The displays come from one city only: Gujo. This ancient town is the epicenter of artificial food. The people who make the displays are real artists, but the “food” they create is not.


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36 Replies to “Fake Food, Real Art: Crafting Display Delicacies”

  1. UnitedEarthEmpire

    Nah, i prefer the american way where they use real food n pour some diesel on it, take photo n plaster it on the restaurant wall… yummy, look delicious…

  2. HenryAB 1991

    The factory manager: Machine can never do this better than us.
    666 years ago: machine was made human and that machine is Darwin.

  3. Sukai truxal

    Yeah it is cool. But don’t trust it entirely. I saw one at a restaurant one day and fooled around with it because I thought it was cool. And then I touched it. Ended up with hands covered in tar tar sauce

  4. East The Sun

    First time i saw one in Hong Kong, then another, then another in the same day, i was like, "do they cook their displays? " only when i took a closer look that i noticed that it's actually plastic.
    These should also be a thing in mc donalds, wendy's, and other more fast food chains so the customers wuld not be disappointed when the food they were served would look like shit compared to the picture on their menu

  5. Celeste Baez

    They could make bank off this if they go into the toy buisness!! Kids would love this!! Now I know it would take many hours or days to make a single package of tgus but you cpuld price it higher… idk just a suggestion..

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