Legoland Nagoya Japan | Family Travel Nagoya Japan with Kids

This our family travel Japan vlog to Legoland Nagoya.
We spent a day in Legoland Nagoya, and we had so much fun!

If you travel to Nagoya Japan with kids, this is absolutely a place you should visit!

Thank you so much for watching. I hope you find some information and inspiration.💖

Please notes that this vlog is taken in September 2020.

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Favorite Vlogging Gadget: Osmo Mobile 3

This is an awesome gadget, reasonable pricing, handy and and super easy to handle even with 1 hand ( when you hold you kid’s hand and only have 1 hand left! 😊).

Wish you a happy day, happy life and happy travelling!

With love, Linna

6 Replies to “Legoland Nagoya Japan | Family Travel Nagoya Japan with Kids”

  1. Anne Jo

    Hey, we are going to legoland too but Malaysia 1. So excited!!
    Is it a throwback video? I think Japan is in winter now but it isn't cold in your video!

  2. Reika Chaneru

    This is my wish list city in japan to go. Nagoya I’m happy that all of you wearing mask. Its cool and really fun place to visit.

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