OSAKA, JAPAN TRAVEL VLOG: Universal Studios Japan & Harry Potter

Today’s vlog is an exciting one… because I’m taking you to Universal Studios Japan!!!! Craziest thing is that we’re going on the opening day of the Harry Potter section of the park. So be prepared for some crazy crowds! Universal Studios is literally your favourite movies coming into life. You get to live it, experience it, and most of all, have a lot of fun!

Today’s Vlog:
Entering Movie Magic land… Universal Studios Japan!
Frozen mangoes,
Real dinosaur…?
Wand shopping,
Hello Kitty heaven,
Transforming into Hogwarts students.

Phewww, that was a long day. My feet was dead by the end of the day! But it was all worth it. Thanks for tagging along~

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30 Replies to “OSAKA, JAPAN TRAVEL VLOG: Universal Studios Japan & Harry Potter”

  1. Jatin Kalra

    Hey Ann I just wanted to ask you that if we go to USJ in June or July what would be the price of tickets and fast pass also including the merchandise…please tell me 😆😁

  2. αηÐяєι 2nd

    How much does the wand cost. we are planning on going there and I wanna come prepared I AM A GEEK ABOUT HARRY POTTER I NEED THIS

  3. Less Talk, More Delicious

    Love your vids. These vids and tips help me when I go there for my 1st time this March. Hope you are enjoying Cali/SF too. People can be a little mean and crazy here; but oh well, make the best of it. East coast and Canadians are so much more chill and kind.

  4. slytherinsbeast

    how much you spend your money for that? i mean the ticket for USJ and Harry potter world. and when you bought that harry potter stuff. I should visit that place before I die

  5. Faye X

    I'm visiting Osaka in September to see my sister who lives there . Already planned to go to universal studios 🙂 love the video! Japan looks amazing x

  6. Valerie Vargas

    This is so different from the Universal parks in America! I didn't see anything Spongebob or Simpsons there like nobody ever knew them or what. I just noticed they got the Peanuts and Sesame Street there and that's must be something that came from America that's popular in Japan but the only place you can find a lot of Peanuts things in America is Knott's Berry Farm known as the first amusement park in America before Disneyland or Six Flags and there's Sesame Street in the SeaWorld and Busch Gardens parks. There are some Hello Kitty stuff in the American Universal Studios since that character can be popular in America too but not like from the Japanese one, even as a meet and greet character. PS did you know that there's an amusement park with everything Hello Kitty plus Tokyo Disneyland?

  7. Pineapple Kimchi

    Hey i'm going to japan on xmas…question, how long were the lines and could you see a lot of things in one day? also how much were tickets?

  8. boy mortred

    Hi! Nice vlog you have here. I'm going to the Studio soon in February and I'm soooooo excited. Maybe any chance you still remember how much the price for that Hogwarts school robe?

  9. Yuichiro Tanaka

    To be honest, USJ is always enjoyable so you're absolutely right to be there!
    By the way, surprisingly , I use the train in this clip every single day to go to school lol

  10. Kazehaya7907

    Wow! Awesome video!
    I went there too, and on the same day!
    It would've been awesome if I ran into you! XD
    Also, what app do you use to make the video? :O

  11. Chris Perfecio

    hi may i ask how did you enter the studio did you bought express tickets ,, i really love your video i really wanted to go there and may i ask how much is a robe and a wand … thank you for reply (in advance )

  12. Chris Perfecio

    hi may i ask how did you enter the studio did you bought express tickets ,, i really love your video i really wanted to go there and may i ask how much is a robe and a wand … thank you for reply (in advance )

  13. ec0chic

    you have some of the best vlogs of Japan! Thank you so much, it's very helpful in deciding what to do when I go in April 😀 

  14. Top of My Class

    Thank you for your reply …. finally good news !!  what about Disney ? did you went there during your visit ? or maybe heard from a friend how much crowded there ? i was told that Disney is really crazy …. and also the weatherrrrrrrr  how is it ? they said its sooooo hot and sooooo humid …. is it like Florida?? if like florida then i think we can survive 🙂 

         and thanks again 

  15. Top of My Class

    Hi thanks for sharing this Video  ….. when did you visit this park ? I'm planing to visit at end of July  or first of Aug …. is this the season for the parks in Japan? such as Universal and Disney ?    i appreciate your reply 🙂 

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