Osaka's Flamethrower Street Food Chef ★ ONLY in JAPAN

When a sushi chef meets a flamethrower, it creates the hottest street food restaurant in Osaka!
There’s a chef who has been cooking by flamethrower for over 25 years and the food ー is gourmet quality delicious!

In this episode, I travel to Izakaya Toyo (居酒屋とよ) to experience Osaka’s “hottest” street food. Now you can see Toyoji-san on Netflix STREET FOOD Chef’s Table series.

Toyoji-san opened his street side izakaya on the site of a parking lot in 1992, and today it’s one of Osaka’s most notable sushi stops. With a flamethrower, Toyoji-san can grill up a lot of maguro cheek meat for dozens of hungry customers in minutes, and the fire attracts an audience! The chef is a real entertainer and the food is outstanding, but it’s the reasonable prices that keeps regular customers coming back for years.

Eating flamethrower cuisine is amazing! The outside is cooked well and the inside remains moist and juicy. Toyoji-san’s secret is to balance the hot with the cold. He has a bucket of ice water next to the grill. He periodically dips his hand into the ice water to balance the temperature and allows him to amazingly cook barehanded with the flamethrower!

Where is Izakaya Toyo?

Station: Kyobashi (Osaka)

Open 4 days a week from 14:00 to 22:00.
Closed Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays

Featured in this episode:
★ Uni | Sea Urchin
★ Ikura | Salmon Fish Eggs
★ Grilled Maguro Cheek Meat
★ Unagi | Eel
★ Umi Budo | Sea Grapes

▶︎ Osaka (Dotonbori)
▶︎ Hiroshima (Miyajima Island)
▶︎ Nara
▶︎ Tokyo (Shibamata)
▶︎ Sapporo (Ramen)
▶︎ Kyoto (Nishiki Market)

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29 Replies to “Osaka's Flamethrower Street Food Chef ★ ONLY in JAPAN”

  1. Steve Wood

    Japan has history, culture, tradition and a disciplined way of life. The monumental growth after being bombed to ashes is simply impossible for most countries. Just don't speak English and thus will remain under the radar.

  2. FoXyToWn70

    2 year after this video Netflix would make street food Asia documentaries and include This flamethrower chef . His story is incredible

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